Truck Tolling

Truck tolling was passed by the legislature in 2015 in spite of widespread disapproval by voters. It was initiated by the governor and pushed through by legislative leaders. It is unpopular for three reasons: (1) Truck tolling gantries at various locations across the state are unwelcoming to business and will result in higher prices of goods shipped. (2) Many believe that it is only a matter of time before tolling is expanded to include all cars. Cars will soon alter their routes to avoid toll locations, causing confusion and inconvenience.  (3) The American Trucking Association has vowed to sue the state soon after the tolling goes into effect. The cost of defending in the lawsuit will be added to the estimated 60 million dollar cost of the tolling locations. And if the state loses that suit, the whole expense will come out of your pocket. A high-risk bad decision by Gina Raimondo.

The gantries have gone up at the first two locations.  But that can be temporary.   If you elect me governor, an executive order will quickly put an end to this badly thought-out program.


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