Spencer Dickinson Providence Journal Rally August 7th

Spencer Dickinson has announced that on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 at 10 am at 75 Fountain Street, Providence he will hold a press conference to help the Providence Journal fulfill its responsibility to the community. He knows that the newspaper takes seriously its constitutionally-protected role of helping the people meet their civic responsibility and choose their next governor. Dickinson is one of three candidates on the ballot in the Sept.12 Democratic primary for governor.

The idea for Dickinson’s press conference came to him when he looked at the lead story in Sunday morning’s Providence Journal. It featured photos and quotes from only two of the Democratic primary candidates on various business rankings for RI.  His photo and comment had been omitted, and he had received no phone call from Paul Parker, the reporter whose byline appeared on the story.

Of the three candidates in the Democratic primary, Dickinson is the only one with legislative experience, having served in the RI House of Representatives for  twelve years and rising to Deputy Majority Leader under Speaker Matty Smith as well as serving on the Labor, Corporations, and Finance committees.

“It’s hard to imagine that anyone could understand the issues, especially the budgeting process, without serving on these committees. If you want to understand those issues,” Dickinson said, “you’ve got to live them. I have.”

Dickinson, a Harvard graduate, Army veteran, and systems and programming specialist at Prudential Insurance and Citizens Bank, believes he is the only candidate who has the training and experience to deal with the ongoing $650 million UHIP debacle and Registry of Motor Vehicles customer service disaster.

Dickinson, who has a reputation as an innovative problem-solver, having designed and built the first solar panel and the first solar house in Rhode Island, will do more than comment on the national business rankings. He will present a brief framework of new approaches to economic development in response to Rhode Island’s national business rankings.

To make covering the full story easier for the Providence Journal reporters, the press conference will be held in front of the Journal offices at 75 Fountain Street in Providence.

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