October 4th, 2017

To the Voters of Rhode Island – Today I am announcing my plans to run for Governor in the 2018 Democratic Primary. The real decision is often made in that primary. Gina Raimondo deserves an opponent. The people deserve a real choice.

The most important issue – I believe climate change and rising sea levels are the greatest threat of our time. The discussion needs to continue and we all need to learn more, but there are actions we must take now. The proposed fracked-gas power plant in Burrillville is a real danger to all of us. If that plant is built, it will do more than encourage carbon emission and gas pipelines. – It will effectively block the use and development of fast-growing new technologies that don’t use fuel, like solar farms and wind power. The Governor seems to want to be on both sides of that issue. We can’t let her do that. If you make me governor, there will be no fracked-gas power plant in Burrillville.

Qualifications. I have served twelve years in the State Legislature. I understand state agencies, budgeting, and the legislative process. (Both as it is supposed to be and how it really is.) I know the players and their strengths. And I know how they think. They don’t all like me, but they know this – I keep my promises and I do my homework.

Managing a state government is difficult. It takes work. A governor needs the best agency leadership that can be found. The governor needs to be in close touch with the agencies and employ outside evaluators to make sure goals are being met. If you elect me, I will make sure the state agencies provide the services we need in a customer-friendly way. And I will institute new ways of making sure your tax dollars are spent wisely. Here’s where you won’t find me – At a fundraiser in Chicago collecting campaign donations from investors who want to build power plants. I might even miss a few parades. My administration will be about getting the job done, not politics.

There are many issues. In the coming weeks and months, I will spell out my views and try to bring more people into the discussion. Among the issues – A true resolution of 38 Studios. A review of pension management and restoring the Cost of Living Adjustment. A serious and detailed approach to bringing health care costs into line by developing a universal health care plan for Rhode Island.

And for the future, new ideas in education and transportation – and a badly needed new look at jobs and business development. I hope you will join me here and be part of reshaping Rhode Island’s future and developing plans and policies we can all believe in.